About Chettinad Logistics
With a rich history that spans over 8 decades, Chettinad Logistics was established in 1935, and is one of the primary arms of the Chettinad Group, one of India’s oldest and largest conglomerates. An ambitious enterprise that continues to redefine industry standards in logistics and distribution, Chettinad Logistics independently powers the energy supply chain to government agencies across the subcontinent, including TANGEDCO, KPCL and APGENCO. Founded by Rajah Annamalai Chettiar (KCSI), a renowned industrialist, educationist, banker and philanthropist who ranks among the country’s first industrial titans, the Chettinad Group is underlined by its commitment customer happiness, with a track record accessorised by transparency and quality.
Our Vision
Rooted in tradition and with a long history that’s entwined with India’s own transformation into a global power, the Chettinad Group has long been one of the most respected and successful conglomerates in the country, with widespread philanthropic interests and a commitment to the holistic development of society. Under the dynamic leadership of M.A.M.R. Muthiah and team, the group continues to push the boundaries of excellence with his highly innovative and visionary strategies guiding its greater transformation into a global player.
Integral to the sub-continent's energy needs, Chettinad Logistics continues to build long-term relationships with its wide network of customers, providing highly critical support at competitive rates and unparalleled quality. The company continues to march towards newer developments, with an aim to provide end-to-end logistics for consumer goods, cold storage facilities and other special services like warehousing in the immediate future. It continues to invest in cutting-edge infrastructure and facilities to deliver world class logistics and distribution support in India, to play a pivotal role in the country’s growth to greatness.